When vibes glow, emotions show

In times of lockdown it has become increasingly difficult to interact spontaneously with the people around us. However, it is very important to interact and communicate with each other, especially when our lives are already influenced by the pandemic in other ways.

Vibeglow is a device that is designed for communicating and interacting with your friends or family, while still being able to keep distance and stay at home. It is a picture frame with an LED light at the back. The LED light changes colours along with your emotions. On your phone you can use the interface shown in the video to select an emotion. This interaction will change the colour of the LED light at the back of the picture frame, which then creates a colourful glow around the picture frame that shows how you feel.

The interface on your phone and the picture frame can communicate over a big distance, so you can place a Vibeglow picture frame in your friend’s house and change the colour of the glow around it from, for example, your own house. This way your friend can see how you are feeling, even if you are not physically close to them.

A Vibeglow picture frame can lead to more spontaneous interaction in times of lockdown. When, for example, you see that your friend is sad, you can call them or ask them if something happened. When they are very happy, you can plan to meet up (safely) and do something fun. This can make you feel less alone. Even when you don’t see each other often, you can share feelings and know when to be there for each other.


Frances Moonen

I am Frances Moonen. I am fifteen years old and I do the highest level of secondary education in the Netherlands. In my free time I like to read. I also enjoy horse riding and theatre. In school I don’t learn much about creative technology, which is a shame because personally I find technology very interesting. I have always wanted to learn more about coding, creative thinking and technology.

That’s why I signed up for the workshops. I think that all the things that I’ve learned during the workshops will come in handy in my future life and career.

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