The space we share

Creating a meaningful dialogue between people and their environment

Being alone at home can feel very lonely. This is even more noticeable in the current pandemic, a time in which isolation is the norm. When one feels lonely, one often seeks for connection with others. But could there be a way to gain this feeling of connectivity within your own, personal environment?

‘The space we share’ shows the first prototype that aims to answer that question. This interactive wall unit, which reacts to physical movements, is intended to make you feel more aware of your physical presence in- and the dynamics within the space. Simply let it move in the background, knowing that you are not alone. Or actively engage in a physical conversation by moving closer towards it.


Marit van As

Born in 2001, in a world filled with technology, online media has become like a second native language to me. As such, the majority of my work is born out of a fascination for the digital culture I grew up with.

Nowadays, the digital and physical are becoming increasingly intertwined. As a mixed media artist, I don't want to limit myself to one of the two, but rather investigate where the border lies and how the two can reinforce each other. This way, I aim to raise questions about the influence of technology on everyday life, but at the same time maintain a tone and approach that is human and tangible.

Portrait of maker