The Feelings Rocket

A fun way to explore and share your feelings

Do you know how often you experience certain emotions and how they impact your life? Would you like to be able to share them more? Do you ever want to talk about how you're feeling, but you find it hard to start a conversation about it? Would you like to know how your friends are feeling in real time and be there if they need you? Board your Feelings Rocket!

Using colours to represent emotions, The Feelings Rocket makes it easier to identify them. It’s always the user’s choice to share or not to share their feelings, but they can always add them to their analytics, to see the bigger picture of how they’ve been doing. There is also an alarm button, to make it easier to communicate the need to talk and be there when a friend needs you.

Language options make it easier to communicate among international groups, and since friends are added using ship numbers, all users can keep private whatever name they identify with. The interface colour is also customisable, making it more fun to explore the universe of your feelings!

The application was designed in collaboration with a group of people between the ages of 14 and 16, and it’s meant for young audiences to be able to share their feelings with their friends and family.


Brenda Godoy

Hi, I’m Brenda. A chemical engineer from Argentina who moved to the Netherlands for love a year before the pandemic started. The current world situation has given me time to self reflect and I’ve made the decision of changing careers for IT. This MDT-project has given me a chance to contribute my little grain of sand to combat teenage loneliness and board my first coding project. I’ve learned a lot on the way, and I’m looking forward to learn more.

Portrait of maker