Where your cursor decides

You wake up in a bunker.

The walls are greasy and dusty.

Boxes are scattered across the compound, all filled with strange mechanical parts.
Some of the rooms don't even have electricity, being dark as a result.
That must not deter you from searching… but what you are searching for… is up to you.

This project was my part of the Creative Technology Workshops.
 I wanted to use my illustration skills to make an interactive illustration, whether it was like an app or a point-click game. You would navigate through the bunker- at least, that was the plan. Personal reasons interfered with the amount of time I had, but I managed to create the flashlight effect, which shows the core of the idea for the project.

Aside from that, the Illustration is made by myself, allowing me to tailor the atmosphere in my favour. I may continue this project in the future.


Noud Heijnen

My name is Noud Heijnen, an aspiring illustrator and graduated digital publisher from the Netherlands. Most of my work is based on illustrations, either for fun, jobs or school assignments. More of my work can be found at, on Instagram as Lumiistrate, or at Fiverr:

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