Art Call

A new interactive experience where your conversation takes the shape of a work of art

The fact that face-to-face meetings and cultural activities were not an option in times of social distancing, inspired us to create a new interactive experience to get people together in a creative and playful way.

"Art Call" is an online platform that offers a new meeting point: a blank canvas. Instead of making a regular video call, people can meet through an art call and create a work of art together as they speak.

How does it work? The voice activates the paint, the mouse guides the brush and the volume of the voice determines the width of the stroke.

At the end of the conversation, a beautiful piece of art is created and can be printed as a memory of that special time spent together.

Art is calling! Will you answer?


Nicole Tencha

Nicole is a graphic designer and art director who enjoys coming up with strong and meaningful concepts and translating them into attractive and innovative designs.

She grew up in Argentina and graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, where she also developed as a teaching assistant.

In 2016, her creativity and passion for art and technology led her to win a National Contest of Cultural Innovation organized by the Ministry of Culture.

After working for advertising and design agencies in Buenos Aires, she moved to the Netherlands and started her own business, The Right Studio, which specializes in brand design.

Portrait of maker