This exhibition shows the results of the third edition of Creative Technology workshops, organised by Studio Krom. All projects and concepts are created by the participants, who worked on these ideas and the prototypes that go along with them for the last three months. During that time, there were ten group meetings for workshops.

Participants range in age from 14 to 27 and most had no prior experience in creative technology whatsoever. After going through the fundamentals of programming and creative thinking during the first sessions, we began the concepting phase. We started this off in collaboration with ReumaZorg Nederland, by having conversations with people that suffer from rheumatism. Alongside that, we also talked to people who felt isolated during the global pandemic. Surprisingly, there were multiple overlapping themes that came out of these conversations. Those ended up being the starting points for the different projects shown here.

Inspired by these personal stories, concepts were developed and prototypes were built to show the potential of these new ideas. This cycle of empathising, generating ideas, building prototypes and reflecting was iterated over multiple times, to test different ideas and approaches and to improve the concepts.