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For three months, a diverse group of people followed digital workshops about creative technology from home. They worked on technical skills like programming, and even more importantly, they learned to apply these skills to prototype their own creative ideas. Together, we’ve reimagined the way we communicate, our physical spaces and the way in which we have relationships with one another.

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Preview image Together Lights

Bas van der Geer — Together Lights

Preview image The space we share

Marit van As — The space we share

Preview image Art Call

Nicole Tencha — Art Call

Preview image The Feelings Rocket

Brenda Godoy — The Feelings Rocket

Preview image Vibeglow

Frances Moonen — Vibeglow

Preview image Moving Target

Jochem Messmer — Moving Target

Preview image Closer Together

Chantal Pollaert — Closer Together

Preview image Bunker

Noud Heijnen — Bunker